Natural and Lab Grown Diamonds

We offer a wide range of stunning diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, and wedding bands, each one carefully selected for its
exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

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Return Policy


Koko’s Designs commitment is to provide 100% satisfaction to our clients. If in case, you are not satisfied you have the privilege to return the item within 30 days of purchase for a full refund or exchange. However, we do impose a “No Return/Cancel” policy on “Custom Made Orders” and “Engagement Rings with a Genuine Center Stone” except for manufacture defect. No restocking fee will be collected. Item refunds will be provided within 2 weeks after receiving the merchandise and verifying the item is in good condition. All refunds will be credited based on the type of payment received.


  1. Contact our office at 1-866-575-3935 or 213-622-4414 for return notification and for a corresponding return code number. The return item shall be subject to review and inspection. Any item that shows alterations, wear, resized by another jeweler or damaged cannot be accepted for return.
  2. All return items must be packaged securely and properly to prevent theft. Use double box and make sure to seal all seams/flaps on the outer box with tamper resistant tape.
  3. Include all original packaging and other important documents, i.e. Invoice, appraisal and diamond certificate. In case of non-submission of the Appraisal and Diamond Certificate, you will be charged $200.
  4. Get corresponding shipping insurance for full value of the item being returned.
  5. For security reasons, do not write any name that refers to diamonds or jewelry on the package and request for a return receipt service to confirm the package has reached Kokos Designs.
  6. Please make sure to clearly print your name, address, and assigned return code number on the outside part of the package and mail to:
KR Co.
629 S. Hill St. Suite 703
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Please note that Koko’s Designs will not be responsible for any loss or damage of returned shipments.


  1. Engraved jewelry items may not be returned for refund
  2. Any alterations to the original item may not be returned for refund
  3. Custom orders may not be returned for refund